Dec - 31 2017

Martin Grams was 18 years old when he wrote his first book, an extension of a high school book report on the history of the radio/TV series, Suspense. Following a number of rejections from publishing companies, all of whom failed to review the manuscript because of his young age, Martin created his own publishing company and chose to publish the book himself. This led to the formation of OTR Publishing in 1998, and a future career in the publishing business. This led to a new platform for scholarly publishing, the system through which research results and other scholarly writings are created, evaluated for quality, disseminated to the scholarly community, and preserved for future use for other scholars, learners and the public good. This website was created to provide a list of Martin’s personal accomplishments, along with updated information regarding future projects.

“Of recent I have been troubled by an overwhelming number of publications that are subjective, proposing theory and analysis,” quoted Martin Grams in a recent interview for USA Today. “These books, usually published through print-on-demand, masquerade as documentary in nature, only to contain opinion and are short on facts.”

Autograph line outside Barnes and Noble during a book signing.

Dubbed the young “Isaac Asimov” by Ivan Shreve of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Martin Grams has authored or co-authored more than 30 books. He contributed chapters, essays and appendices for numerous books including Ken Mogg’s The Alfred Hitchcock Story (Titan Books, 1999), Bear Manor Media’s It’s That Time Again (2002 and the two sequels), Arthur Anderson’s Let’s Pretend (2004), Ben Ohmart’s The Alan Reed Story (2010), and Dick Osgood’s WYXIE Wonderland (2017).

He continues to write magazine articles for Filmfax, Scarlet Street, Ed Hulse’s Blood ’n’ Thunder and Sperdvac’s Radiogram (to name a few). Martin also wrote two books for McFarland Publishing, a college/university press, and is presently a research consultant for two magazines and one publishing company.

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