A visit to Yellowstone to see the Old Faithful Geyser. A trip to Yellowstone should be on everyone’s bucket list.












September 9, 2005. The day of our wedding.


An evening at the Grover’s Mill Coffee House on Halloween with author and radio host Andrew Fielding.


Posing with Ben Ohmart and his wife, owners of Bear Manor Media Publishing.


My wife and I at Bethany Beach.


My wife and I at a book signing for the release of The Green Hornet.


The family dressed up as a cow to get a free sandwich at Chick-Fil-A.

The rubber chicken was a nice touch.


With my idol, Clint Walker. Yes, he’s 6 feet 6 and I still look up to him.


We found the tombstone featured in Night of the Living Dead (1968) at the Evans City Cemetery where they filmed the movie.


Hangin’ out with my friends in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Having dinner at June Foray’s house. Never in my life have I ever been star struck until that evening.


With Larry Storch from F Troop. He’s a great guy! We need more people in the world like Larry.


I presented an award to Lauren Chapin from the TV series, Father Knows Best.


My nephew Josh completed a Marvel Superhero jigsaw puzzle.


Beach photo with in-laws, nieces and nephews.


Samantha Glasser sent this to me. A photo she took of one of my books on the shelf of her local library.


Feeding a giraffe at the Richmond Zoo in Virginia.


My book about The Shadow (as well as other books) received national coverage thanks to this photo from the Associated Press. October 2011.


My wife and I built a snowman with my brother-in-law, Wayne, and the nieces and nephews.

Luke, Josh and Leah.


Never get into a pie fight with The Three Stooges.


A trip to Walt Disney World with the family, December 2011.


The bronze memorial in Grover’s Mill commemorating the War of the Worlds panic broadcast of 1938.


A private tour of what remains of radio station WXYZ, responsible for The Lone Ranger, Sergeant Preston, Ned Jordan and The Green Hornet.


Chatting with someone after finishing a slide show presentation at the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention in Newark, NJ.


Yes, that’s me in the dugout at Yankee Stadium.


Touring the Zane Grey Museum in Ohio.


My pet turtle, Priscilla. I have had her for more than 25 years!